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Membership Guidelines:

Two Options, Greater Flexibility

We are implementing a new membership support structure to provide grantmakers with even greater flexibility for taking advantage of YTFG and the benefits of our network. The new membership support structure includes two options: the Associate Member Level or the Action Group Member Level.  


Membership Privileges

Action Group Members enjoy discounted rates for Action Group meetings. They are also granted full access to the YTFG knowledge base, technical expertise, and work group membership. Special discounts on events, subscriptions to our quarterly newsletter, and advance copies of YTFG and partner publications are also included.


Associate Members receive invitations to register for Action Group meetings as well as the opportunity to actively participate in at least one YTFG work group. They also receive subscriptions to our quarterly newsletters and advance copies of YTFG and partner publications.


More Information

Our revised membership structure is limited to grantmakers from private, public, community, and corporate foundations.


If you want to join or have questions regarding the new membership structure, don't hesitate to reach out to us at membershipservices@ytfg.org.  


Contact memberservices@ytfg.org for additional information.

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