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    • 01 Sep 2016
    • 2:00 PM
    • Webinar

    Seven federal agencies, are, for the third time, jointly inviting state, local, and tribal communities to apply to become a Performance Partnership Pilot (P3) to test innovative, outcome-focused strategies to achieving better outcomes for these youth, as well as youth at risk of becoming disconnected from critical social institutions and supports.

    The P3 initiative allows pilots to receive customized flexibility from the participating agencies to overcome barriers and align program and reporting requirements across programs. This flexibility enables communities to pursue the most innovative and effective ways to use their existing funds that they already receive from the federal government to improve outcomes for the neediest youth.

    This round of P3 includes several priorities to test this authority in diverse environments across America and support broader learning in the field. For example, acknowledging the diverse needs of communities, the competition allows separate categories of consideration for applicants that propose to serve disconnected youth in rural communities, in tribal communities, or in communities that recently have experienced civil unrest. In addition, applicants can earn bonus points in the selection process by proposing to rigorously evaluate at least one component of their pilot, proposing to implement work-based learning opportunities, or proposing projects that would specifically serve youth who are neither employed nor in school.

    The webinar is intended to provide additional information about this latest round of P3, answer any questions, and explore other opportunities for foundations to be involved in this initiative going forward. 


    • 30 Sep 2016
    • 2:00 PM
    • Webinar


    Learn about innovative examples to utilize pay for success strategies to improve outcomes for vulnerable youth and young adults through this two-part YTFG webinar series.  

    The first webinar of the series was held on August 3.  Third Sector Capital Partners shared new developments in the field of Pay for Success, provide an overview of Pay for Success models and highlight applications of this strategy within the fields of child welfare and youth justice.   

    Join us for a follow-up webinar that will focus on the use of pay for success models used to support workforce and education programs on September 30 at 2 pm ET/1 pm CT/11 am PT.

    • 19 Oct 2016
    • 9:00 AM
    • 20 Oct 2016
    • 4:00 PM
    • Washington, DC
    YTFG Fall Meeting:  October 19 and 20, 2016

    General Schedule

    October 19

    Full YTFG Network Meeting:  9 am to 4:30 pm

    YTFG Dinner:  6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

    October 20

    Work Group Meetings:  9 am to 4 pm

Past events

13 Apr 2016 YTFG Spring Meeting: April 13 and 14, 2016
11 Mar 2016 YTFG Racial Equity Meeting
16 Nov 2015 Conference Call: Learn and Earn to Achieve Potential Initiative
28 Oct 2015 YTFG Fall 2015 Meeting: October 28 and 29
22 Apr 2015 YTFG Spring 2015 Meeting: April 22 and 23
17 Mar 2015 YTFG Well-Being Convening
05 Nov 2014 YTFG Fall 2014 Meeting: November 5 and 6
29 Apr 2014 YTFG Spring 2014 Meeting: April 29th and 30th
21 Oct 2013 YTFG Fall Group Meeting - October 21-23, 2013 in Queenstown, MD
21 Aug 2013 Alliance for Racial Equity in Child Welfare - Webinar Series
24 Jun 2013 Two-Part Webinar Series on Policy Issues in Competency-Based Education
22 May 2013 What Can Cities Do to Help Students Complete College? Lessons from the Communities Learning in Partnership Initiative
23 Apr 2013 YTFG Spring Action Group Meeting - April 23-24, 2013 in Boston, MA
16 Apr 2013 "The Health of Children in Foster Care: Making Improvements Through Medicaid and the Law" Webinar
11 Mar 2013 Ready By 21 - The Forum for Youth Investment
01 Mar 2013 Moving to Mastery: A National Policy Forum on Competency-Based Education
21 Feb 2013 The Use of Data and Effective Transition in Providing Individually Tailored Academic and Behavioral Support Services for Youth in the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems
23 Jan 2013 National Juvenile Justice Mentoring Forum: Mentoring Partners in Action: Successful Children and Safer Communities
12 Dec 2012 Equitable Transitions to Adulthood: Issues of Cultural and Social Capital Webinar
04 Dec 2012 Juvenile Justice Work Group Conference Call
11 Nov 2012 Game Changers: 2012 Independent Sector Annual Conference
24 Oct 2012 GFE 16th Annual Conference
09 Oct 2012 GCYF Annual Conference
07 Oct 2012 ASF: 2012 National Conference
27 Sep 2012 Social Justice Philanthropy in Tough Times: Strategic Impact Through Collaboration, Capacity, and Alliances
10 Sep 2012 2012 Fall Conference for Community Foundations
25 Jul 2012 Making Juvenile Justice Local - National Trends and Implications for Neighborhood-Based Organizations
11 Jul 2012 Juvenile Life Without Parole: One Step Closer to Abolition
21 Jun 2012 Teen Pregnancy and Early Parenting: Addressing the Needs of Vulnerable Adults and Their Families
13 Jun 2012 CLASP: A Gathering of Leaders Working to Promote Opportunities for Young Men of Color
04 Jun 2012 Grantmakers for Children, Youth & Families
24 May 2012 Connecting to Jobs: Local Strategies and Policy Approaches to Employ Black Men
03 May 2012 Juvenile Justice Work Group Conference Call
23 Apr 2012 Foster Care Work Group Meeting
09 Feb 2012 Donor briefing: Youth Voices Driving State Reforms for Positive School Climate and Discipline
25 Jan 2012 Conference Call: The National Campaign to Reform State Juvenile Justice Systems
24 Oct 2011 Policy and Practice for Getting Young Adults Employed and On Track to Career Success
17 Aug 2011 Investing in Evidence-Based Programs for Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care
06 Jul 2011 The Promise and Challenge of Evidence-Based Policy and Practice
21 Jun 2011 Transition to Adulthood: Roundtable Discussions on Practice and Policy
10 May 2011 Multiple Pathyways to Graduation Site Tour, Part II: Portland, OR
14 Mar 2011 It's Not a Matter of Time: Investing in Competency- Based Innovations Webinar
15 Nov 2010 Multiple Pathways to Graduation: A Site Tour for Funders (Tour Part I: Philadelphia)
04 Nov 2010 Lessons Learned from the Foster Care Work Group's Connected by 25 Initiative
27 Oct 2010 Grantmakers for Education Annual Conference
23 Sep 2010 Webinar - Moving Beyond Isolated Efforts and Incremental Change: How Multiple Pathways to Graduation Programs Can Boost High School Reform Efforts
01 Sep 2010 GCYF 2010 Annual Conference and 25th Anniversary Celebration, Children, Youth & Families: The Centerpiece of Change
24 May 2010 The New Economy: Employment and Career Readiness for Vulnerable Youth
04 May 2010 Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs Listening Sessions
27 Apr 2010 Projecting the Net Fiscal Impact of Extending Foster Care to 21
25 Apr 2010 2010 Council on Foundations Annual Conference
09 Apr 2010 Coalition for Juvenile Justice
08 Mar 2010 Youth Dually Involved in the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems
04 Mar 2010 Communities Collaborating to Reconnect Youth
29 Jan 2010 CJJ Southern Region Conference
25 Jan 2010 Informing Federal Education Policy Through Lessons from New York City
28 Oct 2009 Connected by 25: Improving Educational Stability and Continuity for Youth Transitioning to Adulthood
11 May 2009 Connected by 25: Investing in Policies and Strategies to Support Disconnected Youth
18 Nov 2008 YTFG Fall Action Group Meeting - November 18-19 in Philadelphia
17 Nov 2008 Empowering Youth Achievement in a New Economy 2008 Youth Development Symposium
14 Nov 2008 The Future of Children
28 Oct 2008 JJWG conference call
23 Oct 2008 The Real Costs of Teen Motherhood
20 Oct 2008 Grantmakers for Education Conference
19 Oct 2008 Grantmakers for Education Conference
18 Sep 2008 Juvenile Justice Work Group 2008 Teleconference
22 Jul 2008 July 22nd: Conference Call on Foster Care Legislation
18 Jun 2008 Conference Call on Federal Juvenile Justice Legislation
03 Jun 2008 Connected by 25 Meeting of the YTFG Action Group - Spring 2008
09 Apr 2008 Juvenile Justice Work Group 2008 Teleconference:International Juvenile Justice
31 Mar 2008 Philanthropy Roundtable K-12 Event: The Promise & Perils of DC School Reform
19 Mar 2008 Save the Date! Juvenile Justice Work Group Meeting
19 Mar 2008 Juvenile Justice Workgroup Meeting
29 Feb 2008 GCYF Co-Sponsors Foster Care Session at GIH Conference
07 Feb 2008 Juvenile Justice Teleconference: Juvenile Justice Related Fiscal Realignment Policies
07 Feb 2008 Juvenile Justice Work Group 2008 Teleconference: National Trends in Juvenile Justice
07 Dec 2007 Multiple Pathways to Graduation Initiative Conversations
06 Dec 2007 Save the Date! AYPF Field Trip to New York City
04 Dec 2007 Juvenile Justice Work Group Conference Call
15 Oct 2007 YTFG Fall Action Group Meeting

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